Saturday, March 05, 2011

Album #3

For some reason, today feels like it should be a pop inspired day, and due to my putting the last album on hold, I thought it only fitting to start a new thread of musical newness. And for the start position, it has to be Katy Perry.

I would like to say at this moment that I am very thankful to have skipped past Lady GaGa, yet rather dismayed that I shall spend the next hour or so listening to some sort of freakish descendant of hers on the musical food chain... But I cannot judge until I have listened, but I stand by my initial fear.

Ok, onto the list - Skipping through Katy Perry > Lady GaGa > Simon Curtis > Dangerous Muse > Electrovamp > Nadia Oh....

My my... Doesn't Nadia Oh look like a proper classy bird... I have a feeling that today might result in me ripping out the insides of my ears as a welcome relief from the nauseating vocal stylings of this... I wanna say woman, but I'm sure you can understand my slight scepticism in locking that answer in with a quick glance at her CD artwork...

Hot like Wow? ..... Just.... Wow....
Ye gods. Wish me luck.

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