Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Roll up! Roll up! Excuses going cheap! 10 for a penny!

So... I've spent the last few days, -Ok, ok - maybe a week? ... 10 days? Really? Wow... 
That's a huge amount of slacking even by my usual lazy standards... 
Oh well, spilt milk, no use crying: you know the deal.

Anyway, since I last blogged here I seem to have come down with something rather nasty that has me in a perpetual seeming state of either feeling sick & grouchy or as if the slightest whisper will cause the churning migraine in my head to explode my brains from the inside out. Basically, all together I've been feeling like shit aside from being at one with my duvet, hence the lack of writings. Regaredless of said illness, 10 days is long enough to stay away from the computer and, even though I was supposed to be getting back to bed about half an hour or so ago, I couldn't seem to keep myself away from the dreaded machine any longer when the sudden urge to write hit me. Since I actually had what I thought was a long lost urge, I figured I could forego an early night (for me anyway...) in aid of keeping caught up on my attempts to get back into writing. 

However, given my ill and currently rather ratty state, I have decided to keep it simple this time around and to not waste an extra half hour figuring out some new system to pick a newbie of the day with as well as taking screenshots of the process, I've decided to review something of my own choosing for today.

I have also decided that I will type it up in a separate entry. That way, when I look back in the months to come in my ever-so-typical nostalgic fashion, I can momentarily delude myself into thinking that I made more of an effort this month than reality will display upon a closer look. At the moment, I'll take it where ever I can get it.

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