Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ok, so Jessie J stumped me, but I'm going to pretend I have a real excuse

Yeah, like... um... I came down with some sort of mysterious jungle disease that, for unknown reasons that eluded several top medical professionals, flared up whenever I got near electrical equipment? Seriously, it's been a bitch these last few weeks - there's only so much reading by candlelight that one can do before they start to go mad and a little squinty.

On the plus side, I shall hopefully be back on the mission soon enough. My other excuse being that I have recently discovered the world of computerised recording on a level that far exceeds my previous knowledge of such thing. And it's all shiny and new and exciting - I will, however, get pretty sick of it soon enough Im sure, so blogging will reccomence as soon as I dig out the Jessie review and finish off the last few lines (I know, I so should've done that already. I'm a slacker. Get over it.)

As for new musical adventures, I will be documenting my efforts into the creation side of things on my shiny new myspace which is right there for clicking. woot.


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