Friday, March 04, 2011

Mission Statement

Using a combination of websites that I have stolen from this list here, I will hereby be spending my days listening to one new album a day that I have never heard before, in its entirety, regardless of whether or not I hate or love it. I will then be documenting my thoughts here.

Today I will be using Tuneglue and starting with the prompt 'The National'. Not sure why, but they were the first thing to pop into my head. So, lets see where this takes me. I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to work this quite yet; whether I am going to just listen to the first album I see, or determine some sort of 'number of jumps' system from the original artist. I suppose I'll figure it out as I go along.

Hmm.. Already I am finding it difficult to keep this random, I keep being draw to certain names which, in a way, eliminates the nature of randomness. or at least will do over time when my band names start sharing some sort of strange underlying theme. I need some way of cutting myself out of the decision making process entirely. I need a system.

Ok, here goes. Based on this random word generator, I have been given the word 'Sight'.
Sight has 5 letters, so that will be my base number.
5 jumps from the original artist, jumping to artist at the direct left on each jump.
That'll do for now.

Ok, here's what I have:
Full tree of results.
My final tree of choices.

Arguably, I could go with either Topaz Rags or Sore Eros seeing as they are both on the left, as per my previous ruling. So I'm gonna make a judgement call here and just go with the top one. Topaz Rags it is.

So, here goes, let the listening commence!

Topaz Rags - Capricorn Born Again

السكر      .

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